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Hello readers!  I have got some very important news regarding a new scam that seems to be everywhere right now.  Basically the scammers call you and say “Hi, I am from Microsoft and we have detected a lot of errors on your computer.  Click our link to let us show you and help fix the problem.”  So you click the link and they pull up what is called the Event View in Windows.  The event viewer is pretty much guaranteed to show some warning or error because of the thousands of background events that have happened since you have had your computer.  The scammer then pulls up some of those warnings / errors and says “See here, this is what we were getting alerts about.  We can fix this for you and because you’ve been such a good customer, you can get a discount.  With your discount our cheapest Anti-Hacking Software is $99.”  So yeah, this is where they try to get your credit card number and personal information and then proceed to install software that LOOKS like it’s helping while in fact it’s probably stealing all of your data.

Here is what to do.  First, if you get this phone call, just hang up.  If they call back tell them you know they’re full of it and you aren’t falling for it.  The scammers want your money and if you tell them they can’t have it they will move on.  Second, if you were unfortunate enough to have let them into your computer and install the software.  Call a computer support person ( such as myself ) to come do a computer virus removal for you.   Remember, we service Appleton, Oshkosh, Neenah, Menasha, Green Bay, and surrounding areas in WI.  Third, if you gave these people your credit card number, call your bank immediately to  report the fraud and get a new card.  Also change all the passwords to your bank logins AFTER you have had a the malicious software professionally removed.

Taking these actions should get you back to normal and scam free.  Just remember, the phishing, scamming, etc… is not going to go away.  So get someone you can trust and only let that company or that person work on your computer.  That’s the only way you can be sure that you aren’t being tricked by some random scammer.  Happy surfing and watch for those sharks out there 😉

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