Fake Web Browser Virus

virus removal appleton wi

Computer infections ( malware, spyware, virus, trojans, worms ) are a constant strain on users ( that’s you ) and their computer systems.

This is a computer security alert of a new malware ( malicious software ) that poses as a web browser update.  Continue reading

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My Computer’s Power Won’t Turn On

milwaukee appleton computer power turn

A computer that will not power up at just the wrong time can take a perfectly rational person to DEFCON 1 about as fast as Joshua ( geeks will get that 🙂 ).  Continue reading

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How to Make My Computer Faster : Tech Tip of the Day

milwaukee wi computer pc repair install memory slow
Slow computers make for sad PC users.  If your computer is working, but doing so incredibly slowly then you probably need some more RAM memory installed.  Installing more RAM allows your computer to run more programs at the same time without slowing down.

You can check if Continue reading

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How do I Clean and Remove a Computer Virus?

computer virus malware spyware adware remove milwaukee appleton wi

A computer virus can bring your PC to it’s knees and we here at Smart Computing understand that many people prefer to do what they can first; and only after that pay an I.T. consultant to fix your computer.  So to help you save money on computer repair, we have written the following guide.  While our primary onsite computer service markets are Appleton and Milwaukee, WI; this guide is for anyone and everyone.  Please share it with anyone you think may find it helpful.  Copy and paste this link: http://blog.smartcomputing.us/clean-remove-computer-virus/

If you don’t Continue reading

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Why is My Computer Slow?

I recently wrote an article about why your computer slows down and what you can do to fix it at Technorati.  View the article here “Why is My Computer Slow?”

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Help Buying a Computer Guide – 2011


This computer buying guide is intended to help the average PC user ( that’s you ) know what to look for when buying a new computer in 2011.  After reading this guide, you will have a general understanding of how to choose the right computer for you.  So let’s get started. Continue reading

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Top 10 Computer Tips for Small Business Owners

computer repair pc repair milwaukee appleton

  1. Computer Security, Access and Passwords (oh my!)
    Change passwords to computers holding vital or confidential information often.  The wrong person on the right computer can cost you a lot more than a service call.  If you keep a master list of passwords, keep it locked up in a safe or safety deposit box.  You don’t want to leave the keys to the kingdom just laying around.
    Continue reading
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Macbook and general Mac Repair

Many people already know that Smart Computing offers a full range of repair and consulting services on Windows computers.  BUT! Many are surprised that we also service your Apple computer products including the MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro and even the iPod, iPad and iPhone.

So if you have a company and your business uses an Exchange Server with portable Apple products like the iPhone and iPad; we can help you get connected and stay connected. Continue reading

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Driver’s Rollback in Windows 7

Windows 7 is really a well-thought out utility which took away a lot of worries from you. Now you don’t have to install drivers for every single piece of your hardware because Windows 7 already knows how to communicate with most of them.

Continue reading

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Computer Repair In Milwaukee, WI…We do that! :)

Milwaukee Computer Repair UPDATE:  The Milwaukee, WI phone number for Smart Computing is 414.306.4886 .

Original Article below__________________________________
I am pleased to announce that beginning April 1st Smart Computing will be offering computer repair, IT consulting, onsite and many other services in the Milwaukee area.  After researching the current market in Milwaukee for computer repair, it seems there is a need for a computer repair and consulting company that is sincerely dedicated to good old fashioned customer service.

The full gambit of services will be offered in the Milwaukee area including virus removal, IT Support for small business, data recovery, business network design, business server design and management and pretty much anything else you could possibly ever need done to your computer or IT systems.

We will be posting the local Milwaukee phone number on the 1st, but if you are in Milwaukee and need services STAT!!!  Then just call our toll-free number 1-866-393-7873.

And to all of you in Milwaukee, we look forward to fixing your computers with the perfect combination of expertise and customer service that you deserve.

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