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how to fix repair computer shop appleton wi

Looking for computer repair shops in Appleton, WI?  Sometimes it can feel overwhelming when your computer won’t work and you don’t know who to turn to.  Can you trust the kid down the street? Will the Geek Squad do a good job and charge a fair price?  How do you know?  That’s why we have testimonials posted of all our happy clients 🙂 so that you know A) These guys know what they are doing. AND B) You’ll be satisfied with the job you paid for.

Fixing a computer can sometimes be as simple as plugging in a loose cable.  And other times it can be one computer program hidden amongst a hundred others causing the whole computer system to lockup.

Whether you need to fix a computer virus, backup your data, or get Quickbooks networked for your employees; we do that!  So many business owners and just ordinary people who use our services come with a story of how “The last guy was rude.” or “He didn’t even fix the computer problem.” or even “He came out once, did something and now I can’t get him to pick up the phone.”  These problems vanish from your life when you hire Smart Computing to fix your computer, network, and/or general IT problems.  The only thing that happens when you call us is you get a friendly “Thank you for calling Smart Computing, how may I help you?”  And then guess what happens then?   You get the help you need!  🙂  Mind boggling I know, but it’s true it’s true.  I do joke, but we take your needs very seriously and will leave you glad you found us.  We go beyond mere professionalism and best of all, we speak to you in english ( and not in geek speak ).

With our free onsite analysis, you can get your computer systems looked at and get a chance to test drive us as your computer service provider before you have to pay anything.  You can’t go wrong there.  That coupled with our computer and general IT expertise has landed us many loyal clients who know they will be treated well and with urgency when they need help with their PC, server, network, virus, or whatever.  If you call 920.460.0440 or email us and mention promotion number 68715, you will get an extra discount on your computer fix.  Call us now, even if you just have a quick question.

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