Fake Web Browser Virus

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Computer infections ( malware, spyware, virus, trojans, worms ) are a constant strain on users ( that’s you ) and their computer systems.

This is a computer security alert of a new malware ( malicious software ) that poses as a web browser update.  I have cleaned three of these infections from computers ( both residential and business ) in just the last two days.  The trojan looks very convincing and claims to be an update to your Internet Explorer web browser ( there is also a version of this malware that targets Google Chrome users ).

If you are browsing the internet and are abruptly prompted to do a browser update, DO NOT CLICK ON IT! ( not even the “X” to close it ).  Instead hold your ALT key, and while holding it, tap the “F4” key one or two times.  This should close your web browser without you having to click on it.  The reason you don’t want to click is because, often the “X” close button is just a graphic of the “X” and it actually links to the virus ( they’ve thought of everything ).  After that, go to your Windows updates ( found in the Start menu > All Programs > Windows Update ) and you can manually see if there is actually an update or not.

If you accidentally already clicked it and you think you may be infected, use that PC at a minimum, if it’s on a network you might even consider turning it off until a computer technician / consultant can fix it for you.

Anyone in Appleton WI, Oshkosh WI, and surrounding areas can call us for computer repair and we can get you back up and running within an hour or two usually.  Good luck and be careful what you click, one wrong click can be quite expensive 😉

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