Facebook Fake News Report Contains Virus

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Computer viruses never seem to take a day off.  And today is no exception.  It is estimated by security firm SOPHOS that more than 60,000 Facebook users were tricked into clicking a fake news report that WWIII had just broken out.  So remember to always, always be on your guard.  Try to get in the habit of stopping yourself before clicking and saying “This could be a computer virus.”  Even just a few seconds can let the logic return to you and you can go check a real news site without clicking the picture.

If you do get infected, run your anti-virus program right away and if it can’t fix the problem; well, you know you can always call Smart Computing and we’ll take care of you.  We service much of Wisconsin, focusing on Appleton, Oshkosh, Milwaukee, and surrounding areas.  We will have some new computer tips posted soon that will help prevent getting your computer infected.  That way you don’t need to pay for tech support right?  😀

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