Driver’s Rollback in Windows 7

Windows 7 is really a well-thought out utility which took away a lot of worries from you. Now you don’t have to install drivers for every single piece of your hardware because Windows 7 already knows how to communicate with most of them.

However new devices appear on the market every day and any operating system might need some extra help with some of devices. This kind of help appears in the guise of drivers, they are a sort of software which provides communication between a peripheral device or internal hardware. Drivers contain functions for every piece of hardware connected to your computer, the operating system uses these functions for running devices.

Windows 7 can be set up to automatically find and download updates. In this case device drivers and general software might be updated automatically. Usually latest versions of software and drivers are better than the previous ones because they disposed of any bugs and some imperfections. But at times it happens that after updating, the device doesn’t work properly. For instance if you install an updated unsigned driver it may lead to resource conflicts with other hardware installed on your computer. In this instance you will see an error message on the screen.

Here we have got some good news about Windows 7, this Operating System is smart enough to save a copy of the previous version of driver automatically, so you can use it again any time you need. The system has a great feature called Driver Roll Back which lets you get rid of the new version and replace it with the previous one if you find the new one is causing problems.

Be aware though that the System does not keep all drivers in its memory which you have used but only the very last version. You can’t replace the driver two or three steps back, you can only skip back to the last one that you have installed. This feature will be helpful with all devices apart from printers unfortunately.

This process is not difficult and takes not more than 5-7 minutes.

How to roll back a driver in Windows 7:

As usually to start working with drivers you open your Device Manager in the Control Panel window on your PC. Then choose the device which you want to replace the driver for. When you have found the right device, open the window “Properties” and go to the Driver tab. Right there you will see the “Roll Back Driver” button, just click it and confirm on the warning message that you want to proceed.

If there is no option to press this button it only means that Windows 7 didn’t save any copies of previous drivers, which might be the case if you have installed only one driver without updating later on.

So that’s it, that’s all there is to it. All you have left to do is to close the window and restart your system. It’s also possible you won’t need to even restart you PC, it depends on your device driver.

Here you may download drivers for your hardware

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