How to Make My Computer Faster : Tech Tip of the Day

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Slow computers make for sad PC users.  If your computer is working, but doing so incredibly slowly then you probably need some more RAM memory installed.  Installing more RAM allows your computer to run more programs at the same time without slowing down.

You can check if your computer is slow due to lack of RAM memory ( which you should check before installing memory ).

Follow these steps:

  1. In the start menu RIGHT-click the menu item that says either “Computer” or “My Computer”.
  2. LEFT-click “Properties”
    After a few moments you will see a little window that has some useful information.  Look for the line that says something like “Installed Memory.”  This shows how much RAM you have.
  3. Leave that window open and do CTRL+ALT+DEL ( Hold down both CTRL and ALT and then tap the Delete key ).
  4. ( Windows XP users skip step 4 ) “Click Start Task Manager”
  5. When the Task Manager comes up, click the “Performance” tab up top.
  6. On the left side you will see two bar graph, one right above the other.  The bottom bar graph tells you how much RAM your computer ( Windows ) is trying to use.

If the amount your computer is trying to use is greater than the amount installed, your computer will be have extremely slow.  The reason is, your computer borrows memory from the hard drive to make up the difference and the hard drive is literally 1,000 times slower than your RAM.

Installing RAM is easy, but consult a professional ( or just hire them to do it ) so that you get the right memory AND so you don’t damage the RAM or your computer.  Remember, a static shock is enough to destroy any chip inside your computer and render the PC useless.  So be careful!

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